• Made with 100% Plant Waxes (soy & hemp wax blend)
  • Fragrances are “safe scents” i.e. no phthalates, or harmful ingredients
  • No dyes or colorants added
  • Exceptional Burn time (80+ Hours)
  • Hand-Poured
  • Plant fiber wick (HEMP/Cotton/Paper) no metal or zinc core
  • Sustainably sourced materials and ingredients
  • 100% USA made

We take pride in making all of these candles with the hemp wax that is recovered and purified as a by-product of our CO2 extraction process. As part of our mission at PHARM, we are able to recycle/utilize every part of the hemp plant, resulting in a sustainable, eco-friendly, vertically-integrated supply chain.

100% Plant Based Lavender Scented Candle